AB Commercial Grow Supply is a Toronto based company specializing in the wholesale and retail distribution of quality impact products for the in/outdoor gardening, hydroponic, and hobby greenhouse market. With over 11 years experience in horticulture and hydroponic industry growing in diversified configurations both commercial and small-scale horticultural indicates our robust growing expertise, which is second to none so just walk in to our store and you will be glad you made the trip because we are one the trusted leaders in all your indoor & outdoor growing needs.

AB Commercial Grow Supply is a  proud supplier of the Cyco Platinum Series brand Nutrients, REMO Nutrients, Advanced Nutrients, GH Nutrients, Soil mix, Drip Buckets, Rolling benches, Lightings, AC, Humidifiers, Climate controls, Trays, Pumps, Hoses, Additives, Switches etc.Our mission is to offer market savvy in the cutting edge range of growing equipments, plant nutrients and additives to the Hydroponic and cannabis industry. We source the latest technologies and acquire only the best growing needs for our customers.

We strive in excellence to offer safe reliable products at reasonable and possible affordable price to our customers. AB Commercial Grow Supply mainly supply the commercial growing industry but also leaves room to cater to the medium and small growing enthusiast to enjoy the benefit of absolute great prices. At AB Commercial Grow Supply, we believe saving you money results to happiness because the more money you save could be passed on to another possible sale, which could be seen as a win-win situation.